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Speaking Engagements

One of Coach Jason’s favorite things to do is speak in front of groups about his passions: healthy lifestyles and evidence-based training and nutrition for endurance athletes. Below are some of the many presentations he has done. Contact him at for further information about speaking engagements.

Motivational Speaking

Coach Jason uses his personal story and struggles with health issues to inspire others to make lifestyle changes and be healthier and happier as a result.

Lifestyle Changes: Improving Your Health and Quality of Life – From 2006 to 2010, Coach Jason went through a variety of medical problems caused by polycystic kidney disease (PKD), an inherited kidney disease. During this time, he almost died twice and underwent more than 15 surgeries, including a kidney transplant. While he was sick, Jason saw many others with life-threatening diseases like his; however, their conditions were often caused by poor health choices rather than inherited diseases. Jason says that at first he felt frustrated by these people, but he came to realize they hadn’t been taught about basic health and lifestyle choices that can offset many diseases. These experiences fueled Jason to educate and encourage others about the fact that no matter what they have been through, simple changes to their health can totally transform their lives.

Health and Endurance Sport Speaking

Coach Jason has spoken about countless different topics in the fields of health and endurance sports, but below are some of the topics that he is asked to speak about most frequently.

Scientific Running, Cycling, or Triathlon Training: Simple Ideas Yielding Great Results – Evidence- and scientific-based coaching are terms often used to sell endurance coaching services, but it’s very rare that coaches actually follow through with such claims. Coach Jason illustrates simple but very effective training principles about swimming, cycling, and running that are backed by science and can take your training to a whole new level.

Running Technique – I’m a runner, but how should I run? How can I keep from getting injured? Should I run in a minimalist or barefoot shoe? Coach Jason discusses the latest hot topics in running such as running technique, minimalist footwear, and injury prevention and what role they should play in a runner’s training.

Nutritional Considerations for Endurance Athletes – Every day, we come across a new diet, food, or supplement that is supposedly going to change our lives by making us healthier and able to perform better. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill, food, or diet that will fix everyone’s problems. However, Coach Jason can teach you about fundamental principles of nutrition that are simple, effective, and life changing and can propel anyone forward in their pursuit of optimal health and performance.

Additional Testimonials

“In all honesty, Jason has been one of the best guest speakers I have had the fortune of listening to. He came fully prepared to share his vast knowledge at our Naval Leadership lab at UPENN NROTC and even more importantly, he catered his presentation towards our specific interests. In a room full of future military officers, Jason enthusiastically engaged the audience in order to share with us how we can best prepare ourselves physically for the task of leading men and women into combat one day. He showed us that what he had to offer didn’t just apply to athletes but that it also carried over to people who train in order to lead. It was a shame that we had a limited time period to listen to him because I could tell that the rest of the audience wanted to hear more. We look forward to hearing from Jason again!”

Midshipman 1/C Corey Tomko

“Jason Kilderry spoke to our club about a future in the business aspect of the health promotion world. While many of our speakers just give their presentation and don’t stray much from what’s written, Jason’s enthusiasm got our whole club involved in the conversation and helped many of them realize how important it is to delve into technicalities as well as an entrepreneurship in the field. Most of the time, our members don’t get a chance to interact with our speakers, and Jason took the time to get everyone involved as well as make the whole presentation interesting to people who weren’t even planning on going into that field. He opened our eyes to a whole new part of the fitness and training world, and I know everyone at the meeting will remember him as an enthusiastic and personable communicator.”

Alexis Willams
Club President
National Wellness Institute
Rowan University Chapter

“We were lucky enough here at 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy to host Jason at an event we recently hosted at our clinic. Jason was definitely the highlight of the night as his lecture on nutrition, training, and technique was perfectly suited for the audience of over 60 people. Jason has the ability to take information that is technical/scientific in nature and present it in a way that the audience can understand. Most importantly, Jason has an obvious enthusiasm for running and this comes through in the way he presents his material. Someone who is this passionate about what he does is great to see and I would recommend Jason’s services to anyone who wants to become a better athlete, runner, triathlete – take your pick. He is the real deal. We look forward to working with Jason at events in the future.”

Jeff Sallade DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS
Board Certified in Orthopedics and Sports
3 Dimensional Physical Therapy

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Jason present numerous times over the past several years of knowing him. Each time I have heard him speak I have learned something new. His work ethic and dedication to learning science and evidence based practices are obvious. With a unique enthusiasm for what he does, Jason is able to engage any audience from medical professionals to community members. Amidst a very busy schedule, he is always willing to find the time to share his knowledge with others.

As a physical therapist it has also been a pleasure to work with Jason and his athletes. Rarely do you have the opportunity to work with someone who is so knowledgeable and understanding of applying science and evidence to the human body. I can trust that when an athlete has completed physical therapy they are not likely to become re-injured because of over training utilizing Jason’s individualized training approaches. I am confident in Jason’s abilities to help each athlete regardless or age or ability reach their goals beyond physical therapy.”

Michelle Derr PT, DPT

“I have heard Jason speak several times to both small groups of medical students and a lecture hall full of kidney renal transplant nurses, social workers and others involved in kidney transplantation. In both of these very different presentations, I was incredibly impressed with the way he connects with his audiences–he is engaging and entertaining as he tells his personal story, and speaks convincingly and with authority and enthusiasm about nutrition, exercise, and health.

Jeffrey S. Berns, MD
Associate Dean-Graduate Medical Education-UPHS
Associate Chief & Renal Fellowship Program Director
Renal-Electrolyte and Hypertension Division
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

“I recently had the pleasure of hearing Jason speak at an inservice on running at our physical therapy clinic.

It is very evident on hearing him speak how passionate he is for the sport of running and how knowledgeable he is on the topic with lots of research to back it up. He is a talented speaker who easily engages his audience and I look forward to the opportunity to hear him speak again in the future.”

Jennifer Skaling, PT

“Jason Kilderry’s seminars have been a nice addition to our community outreach agenda. His engaging personality and extensive running knowledge wow the crowd every time he visits. Specifically, Jason takes complictated subject matter like the latest research on nutrition and running and breaks it down for everyone to understand. Perhaps the most standout aspect of Jason’s presentations is his ability to relay suggested training and lifestyle changes to a wide array of people, which especially seems to resonate with our customer base. Our attendees now know to bring a notebook when they come to hear Jason speak; his stuff is that good.

Matt Byrne
Scranton Running Company
2004 Olymic Trials Qualifier

“After hearing Jason speak at a seminar, it became immediately evident to me that he has a tremendous passion for the sport of running and helping those around him reach their potential. He has a talent that enables him to eloquently describe his views and back up those views with scientific results while keeping the talk fun and interesting. I always come out of one his talks learning something new and finding ways to improve my results.

John Williams
Brooks Running
Product Representative

“Jason’s attention to data in his presentations is what classifies him above his peers. He delivers this complicated information in a easy understandable way mixed with humor engaging audiences of all backgrounds. In addition, his aptitude for creating minimal gains in multiple ways is how he creates realistic results from his programs.

Arounkone Sananikone
Pure Energy Cycling and Java House

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Jason Kilderry speak on two different occasions. The first time was at the University of Pennsylvania Transplant Symposium last spring. After hearing his energetic, thoughtful and humorous presentation I knew that we had to have him speak at our annual American Nephrology Nurses Association, 2013 Spring Conference in NJ. He interchanges his personal story with suggestions on how we all can live healthier lives. He is an inspiration that we all can follow for achieving better lifestyles.

Mary Dyson RN
ANNA Chapter #133

“Jason Kilderry was so inspiring and motivating at the first regional nursing symposium that we invited him back the next year and he, once again, got rave reviews. For many, he was the highlight of the day-long conference. His knowledge and story are shared in way that is compelling and motivating. Not only were our guests motivated to support their patients towards more healthy choices, but also to make small changes themselves to improve their own overall well being. We very much appreciate Jason’s willingness to share his unique perspective and insights and look forward to partnering with him in the future educate our patients and community providers.

Margaret Leid
Penn Transplant Institute
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

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