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ETA Coach Athlete Consultation

ETA consultations are provided for athletes looking for guidance in areas of endurance training, strength training, and nutrition. During your consultation, Head Coach Jason Kilderry will provide you with research-based advice to bring your training program, strength training, and/or nutrition to the next level. Feel free to contact Head Coach Jason Kilderry for more information.

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Team Consultations

There is no “I” in team. A team must work together, but we must not forget that each individual on the team will respond differently to the training prescribed to them. Our team consultations are designed to work with both the coaches and athletes to give them a more sound understanding of human performance. The coaches and athletes will learn how to maximize team performance while also focus on the individual adaptations of each athlete. After owner and head coach Jason Kilderry provides the coaches and athletes with the fundamental principles of human performance and physiology, he will then discuss and teach the coaches and athletes the testing protocols that will help monitor the athletes’ performance and even predict future race performances. The testing protocols are very easy, validated in the scientific literature, and have a high correlation to results when compared to testing found in a lab. After testing is completed, Coach Jason will teach each athlete and coach how to interpret the results to determine where the athletes can make improvements, target specific physiological mechanisms to enhance performance, and potentially predict performance during races. All of these testing protocols and analysis of results are from research papers we have seen in the scientific literature for some time. There are no gimmicks, no trademarked terms, no anecdotal evidence; just fundamental and up-to-date research-based protocols and applied science.


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