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Sports nutrition coaching can accommodate athletes of all levels, including beginner, high school, college, and professional, to provide an athlete with the ability to compete at their best level. Reinforcing an evidence-based healthy diet will reduce injury risk, provide appropriate fuel for training, and help prevent disease.

Initial Assessment

Dietary analysis—intake of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins/minerals, calories, etc…
Overview of nutrition logs and determining 1-2 focus areas to get the athlete started
Lifestyle & dietary evaluation
Determine goals/objectives & strategies

Endurance Nutrition Consultation (60 minutes)

In-depth analysis of your current diet and nutrition regimen
Discuss training schedule and race goals
Provide fueling strategies and guidelines
Identify barriers to goals, nutritional shortcomings, and areas for improvement
Address any GI issues impacting training and racing
Pre/post workout meals and hydration for training

Follow Ups (30 minutes)

Available after previously meeting for a consult
Stay on track with plan to meet personal nutritional goals established during consult
Address progress towards goals, issues, changes, and questions.

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At ETA Coach, we understand no two athletes are physically the same.

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