Registered Dietitian

Michelle Ulrich, MS, RD, CNSC

Registered Dietitian Michelle Ulrich, MS, RD, CNSC

Michelle is a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Nutritional Sciences and has a passion for food, nutrition and sports! Michelle started as a Rowan University Radio/TV/Film major, but re-routed her career to pursue her Master of Nutritional Sciences degree from San Diego State University and completed her supervised practice through Utah State University’s Distance Dietetic Internship program. Michelle played college basketball and has subsequently transformed herself into a competitive endurance athlete. She found her passion for nutrition about the same time she found her passion for marathon running and literally ran with it. Michelle has participated in various races of all distances including the Boston, NYC, and Philadelphia Marathons.

As a Registered Dietitian, Michelle promotes healthy living and optimal performance for her clients, not only for their next training session or race, but for everyday living. She wants to keep her clients happy and healthy while making nutrition an easy and fun part of their daily life. Good nutrition should be as natural as lacing up those running sneakers and heading out the door each day.

Optimal health and wellness does not come from quick fixes or fad diets. Good nutritional habits are a lifestyle. Michelle takes pride in educating her clients so that they fully understand food and nutrition and why diet is so important to athletes, in sport and in life. She helps her clients set personal nutrition goals and provides the support to reach those goals through individualized nutrition counseling based on current nutrition research.

Michelle is excited to be a part of ETA Coach to be able to take her science-based, individualized nutrition approach and pair it with ETA’s science-based, individualized coaching philosophy for some stellar athletic performances! No athlete can be at peak performance without the correct balance of the proper training and nutrition.

Since becoming an ETA-coached endurance athlete and starting a career in dietetics and nutrition, Michelle has clocked in some great races and knows her improvement stems from evidenced-based coaching and nutrition approaches. She looks forward to continuing to share her knowledge with others!

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