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Matt Ciociola

Assistant Coach Matt Ciociola

Matt Ciociola ran three years of cross country and track at Bishop Eustace Prep School in Pennsauken, NJ. For most of his time as a high school runner, Matt blindly followed what his coaches told him to do and took no initiative to learn more about the sport. Towards the end, Matt began to take an interest in the sport. After high school, Matt attended Rider University not only to compete for four years, but also to foster the interest he began to develop in high school. While at Rider, Matt majored in Chemistry which became his foundation in applying science to endurance training. After finishing his eligibility and education at Rider, Matt kept up with his running and gained acceptance to the 2006 ING New York City Marathon. He ran a respectable time of 2:49 for his first marathon but was injured for the next ten months. In 2009, Matt decided to return to running and train for the Ocean Drive Marathon. This time, he followed more of a structured training plan, but it was still more of a belief-based training plan. Matt ended up running 2:43, and he hired Jason Kilderry as his coach that summer. He then competed in the 2009 Philadelphia Marathon where he ran 2:41:19. Matt made this decision because he knew Jason’s coaching and ETA Coaching are based on scientific training principles and not simply belief based or word-of-mouth coaching.

These experiences, combined with his background in science led Matt to expand his coaching career and join ETA Coaching. Matt agrees with ETA Coaching’s core principles that training should not be based on what other runners or coaches are doing, rather on sport science that produces an individualized plan. This individualized training also should not be based blindly on something that worked for a previous runner. This revelation led Matt to strengthen his knowledge regarding training theory, attend the USATF Level 2 class, and become more knowledgeable about sport science.

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