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Individualized Coaching for Triathletes, Duathletes, Runners, and Cyclists

Our Individualized Coaching Package is a full-service arrangement, and is our most popular program. The Individualized Package includes unlimited coach/client contact by both e-mail and telephone, a service rarely offered by competitor services. This package allows our coaches the ability to fully customize your program. It is most appropriate for athletes who have very specific goals, are willing to work hard in the pursuit of those goals, and anyone who is interested in achieving his or her maximum possible performance status.

Analysis of previous years’ logs and performances
Exercise testing and training level determination
Specific training advice to improve weaknesses
Periodized season plan based on athlete’s goals, limitations, and fitness level
Bi-weekly workout schedules adjusted on a weekly basis, as needed
Athlete-coach communication by phone or email on a daily basis, as needed
Event-specific advice
Bi-weekly analysis of training logs, Power, GPS, and heart rate files
Nutrition advice and recommendations
Complimentary qualitative gait analysis with 25% discount on a pair of running shoes
Account on to enhance communication with coach
15% discount on ETA Coach assessments, exercise prescription, clinics, supervised workouts, testing, swim stroke analysis, and camps (travel and lodging not included).
Additional add on Services

Intelligent performance modeling, prediction, and event targeting using Physfarm Training Systems’ proprietary systems.
Musculoskeletal evaluation with a physical therapist is recommended for anyone with a current injury or history of injuries.
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