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Individuated Coaching and Training Plan Construction

Individualized Coaching for Triathletes, Duathletes, Runners, and Cyclists. Our Individualized Coaching Package is a full-service arrangement and is our most popular program. The Individualized Package includes unlimited coach/client contact by both e-mail and telephone, a service rarely offered by competitor services. This package allows our coaches the ability to fully customize your program. It is most appropriate for athletes who have very specific goals, and are willing to work hard in the pursuit of those goals, and anyone who is interested in achieving his or her maximum possible performance status.

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At ETA Coach, we have always focused on offering individualized coaching on a week-to-week basis. We have been hesitant in the past to offer “one time” training plans because we want to maintain our very personal approach. However, we have found a way to offer athletes a one-time plan with as much personal and individualized attention to ensure a structured, systematic program tailored to their specific needs. Therefore, ETA Coach has decided to offer one-time training plans for athletes, with more attention to detail than most one-time online plans that are offered. As always, our goal is to make each athlete’s plan as specific, systematic, and individualized as possible. Just like the beginning process of our individualized coaching and before each plan’s construction is done, a complete assessment of the athletes training logs, race results, time availability, short, and long-term goals will be assessed.

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Here at ETA Coach we help create a foundation that you can build from.

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We offer a variety of services from Coaching, Consulting, Assessments , Clinics, and Seminars.

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