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Christian Whipple

Assistant Coach Christian Whipple

Christian Whipple is a 5th grade teacher who coaches middle school soccer and a youth running club. He got his first taste for the triathlon back in the early 80’s watching Dave Scott win in Hawaii on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. After watching the televised event, he organized a neighborhood triathlon by instructing his brother and friends on how the race worked, from transitions to the three sports involved. Now, in his 14th consecutive season training and competing in triathlon and endurance sports, Christian still gets excited by motivating, teaching, and sharing his experiences with newcomers to the sport.

After 6 or 7 years of following the ‘old school’ mentality of training hard all the time, Christian was only getting middle-of-the-pack finishes. His frustration about this led him to educate himself about smarter training practices. Through this research, Christian came to understand that all-out, high-intensity training could be counterproductive. Once he revamped his training from a science and numbers-based training perspective, he started to see improvements; his racing results and overall fitness improved, and he sustained fewer injuries. He was able to drop his best marathon time of 3:58 to a 3:14 and qualify for the Boston Marathon, an achievement which seemed unattainable just a few years prior. Christian also applied evidence-based methods to better his first Ironman race time of 13:55 with a new PR of 11:19. He also has placed and won age group awards in various races of shorter distances.

During the past few years, Christian has coached friends and family members to numerous successful race finishes using his science-based approach. He is passionate about endurance sports and teaching, and he looks forward to continuing to share his years of knowledge and experience with beginner and intermediate athletes.

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