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Swimmers looking to improve the efficiency of their stroke for open water swimming and triathlon will learn how to swim the freestyle with proper kick, arm movement, breathing pattern, and timing. The emphasis will be on learning the most effective drills to improve freestyle for open water and triathlon swim, as additional yardage completed with incorrect form does not improve performance! There will be an emphasis on drill work so fins are required for all evaluations.

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ETA Coach has always felt that if a certain training method is not supported by science then why pursue it? When it comes to technique in cycling and running the implied impression in current periodical articles, books, and online resources is that we are doing it all wrong! Here at ETA Coach we are not firm believers that there is an ideal technique for both running and cycling. We do believe that there are certain times that technique should be looked at and in rare cases can be slightly alerted, by professionals, in a lab, that have backgrounds in sport medicine and biomechanics. Most of the time when an athlete looks to improve his or her technique in cycling and running it’s to prevent injury or improve performance. We know first hand through science that there is no ideal cycling or running technique that will improve performance. Maybe in the future there will be studies to disprove this, but right now there are none! There have been some studies to show that altering running form can offset chronic injuries, but I must reiterate the fact these studies were done in a lab with athletes that had chronic injuries.

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